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Marika Pazsit

Welcome to the home page of Marika Pazsit and to her gallery! 

Here you can discover and explore Marika's art, skills and professional experiences.

One of the most  decisive principles which characterises this talented artist is her methodology to let the colours mix on the paper as naturally as possible, and this way to have her motives to crop up. 


Marika is a member of the Gothenburg Art Association  and the Nordic Watercolour Society (Nordiska AkvarellSällskapet, NAS).



of Marika Pazsit

Marika Pazsit is today an active artist, living in Mölndal, just outside Göteborg in Sweden.

Her talent to paint in watercolour showed up already in her childhood, when at the age of 14 she won a nationwide competition for children in her homeland Hungary. Her winning work was exhibited at the  World's Fair  (EXPO) in Brussels in 1958. 

But Hungary of the 50's and 60's  was a tough place and time to live in, and to make a living as an artist was never a realistic alternative. Hence it would take her more than 30 years before she took the courage to resume her passion and realise her childhood dream to become an artist.

Born and educated in Budapest, Hungary, she moved to Sweden in adult age in 1984. Her profession as an applied mathematician with thorough computer knowledge was an asset, and led soon to a job in the Computer Centre of the energy research institute Studsvik in Nyköping.. It was here that, alongside her job, she started studying various painting techniques. For Marika has painting has always been - similarly to music and poetry  – inspiring, creative and something that makes one feel good. A relaxing contrast when one has a profession in a tough and competitive environment in the world of IT.

In 1991, together with her family she moved to Mölndal on the West Coast of Sweden, just outside Göteborg. There she found larger possibilities for artistic training and development,  and her childhood dream started to get realised as a hobby. Her fascination to the beauty and harmony of nature gave inspiration, happiness and energy.


"I love to paint, I admire the old masters, but at the same time I am very curious about the new experimental techniques. I had the good luck to paint for some fantastic artists and masters of visual image, which opened up the road for me to realise my dream. My intention is to induce emotions, to focus on intimacy,  and to appreciate the proximity to the small wonders of nature. I love the shift of the seasons, and I am fascinated by the nature in motion. I paint mostly landscapes with their colours, forms, moods and harmony. I am in a constant search for the secrets and the magic of nature, and my goal is to project my experience onto paper in an interplay between water and the colour pigments. I want to catch the moment that touches me. Things that affect me might induce a flow of thoughts even for other people. Painting - just as much as music and poetry - is a balm for the soul."

The list of artists who have inspired and influenced Marika is long, but the most influential were Prof. Jim Bray, Lars Eje Larsson, Bengt Jacobsson and Pia Erlandsson.

By transforming a row of artistic experiences to a number of individual and collaborative efforts, Marika managed to successfully share her creativity through exhibitions in a dozen of countries.

The gallery below displays a sample collection of her works.


Individual exhibitions:

2009 Mölndal main library, Mölndal, Sweden

2010 The Local Folklore Museum of Mölndal, Mölndal, Sweden

2011 Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary

2013 Katakomberna in Kvarnby, Mölndal, Sweden

2019 Nordic Watercolour Society (NAS), exhibition on the theme ”Craft and Design”, Nordstan, Göteborg, Sweden

Collective exhibitions:

1958 Children's Watercolour exhibition, Budapest, Hungary, 1958 (1. prize)

1958 Brussels World Fair (EXPO), Brussels, Belgium

1985 Summer Painting Workshop, Nyköping, Sweden

2007, 2008, 2009 Galleri Cosmopolitan, Göteborg, Sweden

2008 Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary

2009 Rezi (North of Lake Balaton), Hungary

2009 Jablonec, Chechia

2009, 2010 Summer Painting Workshop, Mullsjö, Sweden

2010 Zalaapáti, Hungary

2010 Martinis, Romania

2010 Belo Blato, Serbia

2010 International Biennale, Balaton Salon II., Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary (Honorable Citation)

2011 Vo-Va MiniArt International Miniature Biennale, Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary (Honorable Citation)

2012 International Biennale Balaton Salon III., Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary

2012 International Miniature Biennale, Subotica, Serbia -> Travelling exhibition in 12 cities

2012-2017 AKVA-group, Café Mölndal, Mölndal, Sweden

2012 Nordic Watercolour Society (NAS) Free Academy, Baskemölla, Sweden

2013 Vo-Va MiniArt International Miniature Biennale, Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary

2012/2013 och 2018/19 Nordic Watercolour Society (NAS), online exhibition, Sweden

2014 International Biennale Balaton Salon IV., Vonyarcvashegy, Hungary (Honorable Citation)

2014 Nordic Watercolour Society (NAS), Summer Academy, Skalhålt, Iceland

2014 International Miniature Biennale, Subotica, Serbia -> Travelling exhibition in 10 cities

2015 20th International Miniature Festival, Kaposvár, Hungary

2015, 2016 and 2018 Fässbergshemmet, Mölndal, Sweden

2016 Internatinal Miniatur Biennale V., Subotica, Serbia -> Travelling exhibition in 12 cities

2017 22nd International Miniatur Festival, Kaposvár -> Travelling exhibition i Székesfehérvár, Siófok och Balatonmáriafürdö, Hungary

2018 23rd International Miniature Festival, Kaposvár, Hungary (Special Prize of the Jury)

2018 International Miniatur Biennale VI., Subotica, Serbia -> Travelling exhibition in Kanizsa, Ada, Topolya och Zenta

2019 Nordic Watercolour Society (NAS), exhibition on the theme ”Craft and Design”, Nordstan, Göteborg, Sweden

2019, 2020 Hegyvidéki Kulturális Szalon, Budapest, Hungary

2020 I. International Online Exhibition in artonlineturkey Instagram page


Contact Marika

Thank you for your interest in Marika Pazsit's portfolio.


Do you have any question about my work, coming exhibitions, or are you possibly interested in buying some of my paintings?


In that case you are welcome to contact me through the form below, and I will reply to you as soon as I can.



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